Pee Wee Valley, KY - Grayhawk, LLC

Ultra-Span fabricator Grayhawk, LLC is one of that rare breed of contractors who has learned to use innovation as a competitive tool. This penchant for innovation brought Grayhawk into the pre-fabricated steel panel and truss market more than 23 years ago, and into the fold of successful Ultra-Span providers in 1997. This issue of Project Profile highlights the way in which Mark Nabity, Colin Peets, and the rest of the Grayhawk team innovate for success.

The Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Pee Wee Valley, KY (near Louisville) is in the process of expanding. The new construction totaling more than 50,000 square feet of roof area, includes a new housing unit and new administration complex. Architect Luckett & Farley in Louisville specified Ultra-Span trusses and a Loadmaster deck to ensure the finest in pre-engineered, noncombustible roof framing solutions. Colin Peets, steel truss manager for Grayhawk, put together a complete package of trusses and installation and was selected by Morel Construction over several other light gauge truss suppliers.

As the installation date for Phase I approached this past January, Grayhawk was faced with an interesting challenge. The main span of the housing unit consisted of a 61’ 8” clear span hip system and series of common trusses spaced 48” on center. Shipping these main span trusses would have required special permitting and as such, the decision was made to build the trusses in two pieces and “field splice” them. Installation supervisor Jim Noble devised an ingenious solution to facilitate this process. A temporary bearing consisting of aluminum post shoring beams and columns that are typically used for concrete work was assembled down the center of the span. The two mono trusses were then flown in to place and rested on the temporary beam. Two members of Grayhawk’s crew were able to quickly fasten the two halves together and secure them to the outside walls while the other two members were preparing to “fly” the next truss.

MiTek’s exclusive 48” Ultra-Span Stabilizer® was used to speed installation as were the complete array of Ultra-Span hold downs, truss-to-truss connectors, and lateral bracing products. Through experience and innovation, Grayhawk was able to reduce total truss installation labor by more than 25%, helping to bring in Phase I (as usual) on time and on budget. What more could a stressed-out Architect, Construction Manager, or Building Owner ask from a sub?!!