A Message from MiTek
Practice does NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Aegis: President's Message
The art of forecasting ... Your guess is as good as mine!

Steel Report: The "Crazy" Season
The fourth quarter of the calendar year is the time in which the steel market has historically exhibited some of its most "unusual" behavior.

Engineering: Truss Design Responsibilities
A review of the recently published North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Truss Design 2007 edition.

Sales/Marketing: Fire Suppression Systems and Ultra-Span® "Get Connected"
A solution to the reoccurring challenge of NFPA system connections.

Software: Steel Engine
A new 3-D modeling program brings together roof truss layout and panel framing program into one unified program.

Customer Service: Two Men Walk in a Bar ...
Two men walk into a bar, the third one ducks. Communication to the nth degree to provide stellar customer service.

Manufacturing: From the Production Floor
Focusing on Cost, Consistency and Continuous Improvement.

Green Report: Greenbuild 2010
Aegis Metal Framing proudly displayed a new "twist" on an accepted technology, to rave reviews of attendees.