Aegis: President's Message
Despite the economic headwinds, Aegis Metal Framing continues to invest heavily in all aspects of our business in support of the building team.

Sales/Marketing: Time Well Spent
We are committed to promoting the message of cold formed steel trusses and supporting the market.

Customer Service: Perceived and Received
No two people have exactly the same perception so perhaps no two people should receive the same Customer Service.

Manufacturing: From the Production Floor
The Aegis manufacturing team has used the past several months to concentrate on preventive maintenance and fine tuning of our equipment.

Green Report: LEED has Exploded
The Greenbuilding and LEED movement has exploded in recent years.

Case Study: Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis tops their dormatories with Ultra-span trusses.

Case Study: Airgas Gaspro
Aloha Aegis! Hawaii tops their buildings with Ultra-span trusses on their island.