It’s hard to know what to write in the current business climate. We all know what has taken place over the past year or so and pretty much realize that, while there are encouraging signs, all is not rosy on most construction fronts. That said…I’m still confident.

I recently heard someone say, “Hope is not a strategy”. That sure does make sense to me. In my view, we are always implementing a strategy, whether it is one that we have purposely thought through and developed or one that has been foisted on us and we are reacting to. I prefer the former, and I’m sure you do too.

No purposeful strategy that I know of ever fell out of thin air. Successful strategies need to be developed by people, and usually people with a stake in the outcome. Many years ago I coached teenage boys in baseball. On day one I would always ask the question, “How many of you believe that practice makes perfect?” More often than not, they would all raise their hands. I would immediately say, “Nope. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” And they would all nod their heads in agreement.

People aren’t perfect, but skill levels do vary. In today’s economy it’s important that we do our best to identify, nurture, grow and protect our high potential, high performing people. These are the individuals who will be purposely developing the winning (“perfect”) strategies in the future. This is exactly what we are going to need as the economy continues to recover, albeit slowly…especially if we want the very best (“perfect”) results for our respective organizations.

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your valued business and support in 2010. I wish you the very best for success in the new year.

Tom Manenti 
President and Chief Operating Officer 
MiTek, Inc.