I think we can all agree that the communication process can at times be unpredictable, at best. However, a company's livelihood depends on the ability to communicate internally as well as externally.

To get the full impact of a message from one person to another it requires eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, body language, vocalization and, of course, articulacy. But in business we seldom have the luxury of face to face communication. Ever present is the use of phones, voicemail and e-mail. At least we have inflection and tone of voice over the phone and when leaving a voice message. But with email, we aren't really allowed those options. Therein lies the challenge. And don't we all love a challenge?

When writing letters was the primary method of business communication, we would tend to give tone or atmosphere to the words we were writing. The aim was to try to write as if we were face to face with the person. Since email is now the method of a majority of our communication, we are in effect, back to "writing letters" - only shorter versions. Now it may have been appropriate in the past to write letters with some flair, but with email in business we need to clearly communicate our intent and expectations without the unnecessary fluff.

No matter what type of communication, even face to face, misunderstandings can arise when the sender fails to convey a message, or the receiver does not comprehend the message - or both.

Let's revise the one-liner. "Two men walk into a bar. Man, that had to hurt.' The third man ducked and missed it." How many more people will comprehend it now?

In our roles of customer service, Rachel and I will make every effort to communicate to you to the nth degree. Letting you know we have received your order and are processing it, inquiring if we notice something out of the ordinary, following up with any questions or changes that may need to be addressed and then forwarding the final order to you with an expected ship date. If we can make suggestions to help in your particular situation, we will. We expect and welcome your questions and needs. We are in constant contact with our production facility and sales representatives and are advised of situations as soon as they arise.

Communication is the key. Without it, anything can happen. And as such, we encourage feedback from you, our Fabricator Partners, the Sales Team, and the Production Team.

Linda Shepherd
Office Manager/Customer Service Representative