It is hard to believe that we are getting ready to close out another year and turn our sights to 2011! At Aegis-Edenton Roll Forming, we are looking forward to bigger and better things to come in the non-residential construction market, and we are prepared to support our fabricator partners to the best of our ability in the weeks, months, and years to come.

This autumn turned out to be a very productive time for our manufacturing team. We were able to successfully complete the first production run of Aegis's new product, the 2.5" Ultra Span Web. The product formed extremely well and packaged up for shipment even better. We hope this product will help our customers increase their level of success in the marketplace.

At the same time, we replaced our 1.5USW roll tooling in order to decrease our machine downtime between changeovers on our #5 accessory line. This roll former is by far one of our busiest, as it produces 2.5USC, 1.5USW, 2.5USWC, and UST brace. We are currently revising our flying cutoff dies on this machine to promote reductions in changeover times between part profiles.

We are also preparing to order a brand new roll form line to replace our #4 accessory line. This new roll former will give us the ability to produce the same range of products as line #5, allowing better response time to meet our customer's schedules.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the cost effectiveness and performance of all Ultra-Span system products, a new die for our revised hold down clip is nearing completion. The updated 423HD and 426HD clips will feature revised screw-hole placement for more accurate insertion of powder actuated fasteners. We will also be adding a lower cost, 16 gauge, 423 for use in lower uplift connections.

Another large capital expenditure project nearing completion is a new die to produce 6" through 24" USJP and USJD connector plates. These parts were previously roll formed by a third party provider. Now they will be stamped on one of our 200 Ton Minster presses and will have a very consistent screw-hole pattern on each and every piece. In the coming months we will be building our stocking levels on these items to ensure that the connector plate products our customers need are available when they need them.

Aside from the equipment upgrades and capital projects, we have spent much time working on consistency in all aspects of our operation. The team is now working on its 19th consecutive accident free month, a huge accomplishment for any manufacturing facility and the achievement we are the most proud of.

We also feel very confident in the key associates around whom we have assembled our team. All of our current employees have now been in place for over a year, with absolutely no turn over. I am a firm believer that a company is only as good as its people, so a lot of time has been spent constructing an empowered group with individuals who display the same values as the organization. Each associate receives daily communication about safety initiatives, customer order activity, market conditions, and the team’s performance. Our goal is to service our customers to the best of our ability each and every day. As a team, we realize that our success is directly linked to the success of our fabricator partners, so we strive to not only maintain but also continually improve the quality and service levels that we are able to provide.

From Aegis's manufacturing team to you: Happy Holidays and we wish you much success in 2011!

Ryan Cook
Operations Manager