The term "sales representative" with regard to Aegis Metal Framing is encompassing of a group that wears many hats as they travel their territories throughout the United States. In fact, much of their time is spent in a marketing role with the professional community of architects and engineers. Of course, customer service for our great fabricator partners remains an essential part of their day to day activities.

Specification activity constitutes a significant portion of the Aegis representative’s marketing activity. When fabricators are preparing to bid a cold formed steel truss project, and the specification is either very generic or does not include Aegis Ultra-Span®, we ask that the fabricator provide us with the name and contact information of the architect and engineer on the project. The Aegis representative will then contact the design professionals involved to discuss Aegis’ offerings and try to schedule a face to face meeting with them to ensure that our products are included on the current and future projects. Often times, the architect or engineer is unfamiliar with cold formed trusses or they are utilizing an old or outdated specification copied from a previous project. The Aegis representative will dialogue with the design professional and offer peace of mind for Ultra-Span as the best solution for their needs. Aegis sales representatives also contact many firms on their own to schedule 1 hour accredited presentations concerning cold form steel trusses. Our goal is to be continually discussing our products to those firms that are actively designing projects that could incorporate Ultra-Span trusses.

Often times the design professional will ask our sales representatives to review their cold formed steel truss specifications to make sure they are as clear, concise and comprehensive as possible. On those projects where Aegis Ultra-Span was not named, the sales representatives have a great track record of talking with the engineers and getting our products included. A sample specification is available for architects and engineers to use as a template if they so desire at If you would like to speak with any of our sales team about your cold formed steel truss specification, please contact us through the above web address.

Thus far in calendar year 2010, Aegis sales reps have called on over 420 architect and engineering firms and have performed more than sixty AIA accredited presentations. They have also called, on behalf of our fabricators, on hundreds of contractors that buy and install cold form steel trusses. We encourage any member of the building team that would be interested in a presentation on cold formed steel trusses to contact us through our website to request a contact from our sales staff.

Last but not least, the sales force staffs many national, regional and local trade shows throughout the year. Local shows typically are conducted in conjunction with fabricators servicing a particular

market. At the national level, Aegis participates in the trade shows and expositions of the Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute, American Institute of Architects, US Greenbuilding Council, Association of Walls and Ceilings International, American Institute of Steel Construction, and the Structural Building Components Association.

Bottom line, we at Aegis Metal Framing are committed to promoting the message of cold formed steel trusses and supporting the markets in which we supply product.

Steve Detter
National Sales Manager