Aegis Ultra-Span Truss Design software is state-of-the-art truss analysis, design and estimating software. A powerful design tool to optimize the design and fabrication of CFS Ultra-Span trusses for the most cost effective truss designs. Available project management software enables the user to effectively manage production, staging and delivery of multiple projects. Benefits of Aegis Design program include:

  • Truss design optimization
  • Unlimited truss profiles and web configurations
  • Trusses designed in seconds
  • Truss-to-truss and truss-to-bearing connections specified
  • Wide variety of chord and web shapes, sizes and thickness
  • Any truss profile and web configuration
  • Automatic wind, snow and live loading per ASCE 7
  • Design meets AISI S100 and S240
  • Integrated with Steel Engine™

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