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Truss to Truss Truss to Truss Details
Truss to Bearing Truss to Structure Details
Standard Details Miscellaneous Details

See below for Product Section Drawings, list of Structural Properties and the Aegis Products SDS Sheet.  Click the desired link to view or to download.  Use the right mouse button and select 'Save target as…' from the pop-up menu.

Ultra-Span Product Drawings

Description AutoCAD® (DWG) Drawing Inter. (DXF) Adobe® (PDF)
USC/USW/USJ/USZ Cross Sections C-xsec-2.dwg C-xsec-2.dxf C-xsec-2.pdf
USD/USWD/USJD/USZD Cross Sections D-xsec-1.dwg D-xsec-1.dxf D-xsec-1.pdf

Structural Properties

Description Adobe® (PDF)
Structural Properties - Ultra-Span® Ultraspan2017.pdf
Structural Properties - Stud and Track Stud_Track.pdf
Structural Properties - Bracing Products Bracing_Products.pdf

SDS Sheet

Description Adobe® (PDF)
SDS Sheet SDS Sheet.pdf