Ultra-Span Floor Truss

All of the advantages you are familiar with when specifying the most widely used Cold-Formed Steel Roof Truss System,   
Ultra-Span® by Aegis Metal Framing, are available in the Ultra-Span floor truss system.    
Non-combustible, lightweight, fully engineered, UL fire rated assembly. 

In addition the Ultra-Span floor truss systems offers:
IIC and STC sound ratings
• Open web configuration for ease of MEP installation
• Depths ranging from 12”
• Compatible with a wide variety of bearing materials and conditions
• Fabricated to exact dimensions – no waste
• Truss Layout and blocking and bracing details
• Custom designs including loading conditions specific to your project

Ultra-Span floor trusses provide the design flexibility, strength, and stability to the challenges of providing a sound, cost-effective and comfortable floor system. 

Download a brochure for information about MiTek, Aegis Metal Framing, and the advantages of using Ultra-Span floor trusses.

      Floor Truss Brochure Picture 05 2017

Floor Truss Brochure 05 2017