Ultra-Span Flat Roof Truss

Common architecture of hotels, low rise office buildings, storage buildings and others often invokes the use of flat roofs.

Unlike other flat roof systems that have limits to configurations and architectural detail, Ultra-Span® roof trusses can be easily fabricated with slopes for drainage, parapets, soffits, and other details, eliminating the added expense of field construction. 

As has been proven with sloped roofs, Ultra-Span flat roof trusses provide many advantages over the traditional construction, including:

• Lightweight
• Quick delivery times
• Non-combustible
• Option to easily add a slope to the truss profile. No need to provide built up roof for drainage
• Mansard incorporated into truss. No added framing required.
• Top chord or bottom chord bearing
• Fully engineered, custom designs that include any additional loads for a specific project
• Easily attach roof deck with mechanical fasteners
• Screw or PAF fasteners at bearing connections
• Simple connection hardware
• Easy support of mechanicals
• Fabricated to exact dimensions

Download a brochure for information about MiTek, Aegis Metal Framing, and the advantages of using Ultra-Span for flat roof trusses.

     Flat Roof Truss Cover 08 2017

Flat Roof Truss Brochure 08 2017