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The Aegis Advantage

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Partnering with Aegis and our fabricators means unbeatable quality for your next building project. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product at an attractive price point, delivering the greatest value to the entire building team. And, our extensive professional engineering services will help ensure your project is fabricated to meet all applicable building codes.

We can provide a complete system of pre-fabricated cold formed steel trusses, wall panels and floor joist to meet all your framing needs. These factory built systems allow speedy installation, saving you time and money.

When you choose Aegis products you are choosing the most widely used proprietary cold formed steel systems in the market. As the largest provider of such products, Aegis and our fabricators can give you peace of mind that our structural systems have been installed in millions of square feet of commercial, institutional, and residential construction over the past decade.


Aegis boasts one of the largest staffs of licensed professional engineers in the cold-formed steel industry. Our seasoned professionals have tackled just about any design challenge imaginable, and they're ready to work with our fabricators and you to provide the most efficient solutions possible. Our engineers are licensed in all 50 States, all the Canadian provinces, and throughout Europe, providing a competitive advantage for the entire building team.


Aegis Metal Framing provides each of its authorized fabricators with state-of-the-art software for the layout, estimation, and design of cold formed steel framing projects. Our authorized fabricators are trained to use our suite of software products to ensure the safest, most efficient use of Aegis framing materials. Aegis' in-house team of talented programmers and technicians develops all of our software products.