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Gardens of Western Reserve

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Gardens Western Reserve
"I am very happy with SSC’s performance," commented Keenan. "I will certainly use them again on my future projects."

Aegis Metal Framing was created in 2002 with the goal of creating a technology-driven, turnkey light gauge steel framing package for building component manufacturers. Although many firms in and around the steel framing industry have claimed a similar end game, Aegis’ development efforts have created a truly integrated, one-stop shopping experience for light gauge pre-fabricators.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • Integrated layout and design software for Ultra-Span® trusses, TradeReady® floor joists and WallSolutionsTM steel panels. Unlike other providers, Aegis puts these tools in the hands of our fabricator customers to allow them ultimate speed and flexibility for bidding and pre-design.
  • Comprehensive technical support and professional engineering services to facilitate the design of the entire light gauge steel shell, from the "slab up”.
  • A complete line of light gauge steel framing materials—every element necessary to manufacture a fully componentized structural steel shell.

This issue’s Project Profile offers an excellent representation of how all the elements of the Aegis package can be brought together for the benefit of all members of the building team. Superior Steel Components (SSC) is one of the nation’s largest and most successful suppliers of light gauge steel trusses and installation services.

With manufacturing facilities in Michigan and North Carolina, SSC has supplied thousands of diverse commercial and institutional projects since its inception in 1993. Now, utilizing WallSolutions software and services, SSC has launched into the structural light gauge panel market. The Gardens of Western Reserve is a new, 55,000 sq ft assisted living complex located just outside Cleveland, OH. The building owner, Western Reserve Developers, was looking for a qualified firm to install the structural frame for this newest development. SSC stepped in with a comprehensive scope of light gauge and structural steel component design, fabrication and installation services.

Although originally specified as field framed light gauge walls, Fred Patten of SSC was able to convert the project to prefabricated panels in order to meet the aggressive construction schedule. Working closely with WallSolutions Product Manager Doug Rassel, PE, Superior designed the more than 350 individual panels in the WallSolutions software. Doug provided full engineering support including member selection, lateral stability design, and full shop drawings.

On site, SSC Project Manager Gary Raterink was responsible for coordinating the delivery and installation of the completed panels, as well as more than 1,000 Ultra-Span steel trusses. From first contact with Western Reserve Developers to the arrival of the first panels on the job site, only eleven weeks had passed. This extremely aggressive construction scheduled necessitated close communication between SSC’s design, manufacturing, and site supervision personnel, as well as Aegis. Supplying and installing a package as comprehensive as SSC provided on The Gardens is rarely a seamless process. Last minute design changes and shifting job site conditions can wreak havoc on manufacturing and installation schedules.

Rick Fiest, Vice President of Manufacturing for SSC-Marne probably summed things up best: "The Gardens of Western Reserve was the most complete panel project we had tackled up to that point. Although it was a very successful project for us, it wasn’t without its challenges. However, we learned a lot from those challenges, and we have subsequently furnished and installed a five story project, and have several other nice panel projects on the horizon." Perhaps the best news of all is that Terry Keenan, owner of Western Reserve Developers, was truly pleased with finished product.