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Newsletter Download Tech eNotes
An electronic database of technical articles, updates and information related to cold formed steel framing.
Specification Creator Specification Creator
An interactive tool to allow the building professional to customize specifications according to product line and building project state.
Detail Library Detail Library
Standard Ultra-Span Truss to Truss and Truss to Bearing connection details as well as other connections, installation and repair details - available in AutoCAD and PDF downloads.                                                                                                                                       
Structural Properties Section Drawings, Structural Properties and SDS Sheet
Fire and Sound Assemblies  Fire and Sound Assemblies
Listing of all UL rated and sound assemblies for Ultra-Span, pitched and flat trusses - all available in PDF downloads.
ICC Report  ICC Report
ICC-ES research report for Ultra-Span structural members - available in PDF download.
Installation Video  Informational Videos
A series of Ultra-Span videos depicting installation, connections, bracing and other applications of Ultra-Span trusses and connectors as well as virtual tour of the Ultra-Span manufacturing process.
Floor Truss  Floor Truss
All of the advantages you are familiar with when specifying the most widely used Cold-Formed Steel Roof Truss System, Ultra-Span® by Aegis Metal Framing, are available in the Ultra-Span floor truss system.
Flat Roof Image table  Flat Roof Truss
Ultra-Span flat roof trusses provide many advantages over traditional construction. 
Request Technical Resource Manual  Technical Binder
Contact Aegis Metal Framing, a division of MiTek, for this valuable resource that contains important information for properly incorporating Ultra-Span cold-formed steel trusses into the roof system of any commercial, institutional or multi-family project..
Blast Force Design Tool  Blast Force Analysis
This tool is incorporated in the Aegis Truss Design Program and will provide the Aegis network of fabricators with a software solution for Blast Force Design using the Aegis Ultra-Span® Truss System.